Anviz OC500 connection problem

Hi I list here the problems encountered with this terminal.

I tried to follow the guides in the package but already from there I encountered the first problems, since they recommend entering the terminal MENU. I tried to press the M key on the keypad but it doesn’t open any menu, it changes the name on the display from OC500 to ADMIN and it doesn’t let me do anything.

so I tried to follow this guide by connecting the terminal to the usb of the pc Reset/Cancel Anviz Devices' Admin Permission Guide(ST) - YouTube
and I am experiencing this problem at the time of synchronize date and time: [15:07:35]1[M7]Failed to retrieve the terminal type!

Then I tried to connect it to the LAN with and without USB with power supply and I encounter this other problem: [15:08:50]1[1]Can not connect to the T&A machine

How can I solve? a thousand thanks

Hi @cub3cu83 , please check your e-mail box,

Seem your device has a admin password locking the Menu, we need to remove it to configure the device accordingly.

I´ll send you a tool to remove admin by USB communication by email, please check it in the next hour and if you dont receive let me know by here ok

Thank you very much for helping. With the first step I was able to connect to the PC. But I still have the problem on the terminal, if I try to press the M key, it always brings ADMIN back to the top left of the screen and does not enter the terminal menu.

If the Word Admin is still there, means that device is still locked and you wont be able to access device configurations…

Assuming you have connected device successfully, please click on its icon with the right button, and click Disable the manager, that will let you access the Menu:

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Thanks for the assistance. I solved with the last step.

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