Anviz All-New Integrated Management Platform

Anviz as the industry leader in professional and converged intelligent security solutions for nearly 20 years, Anviz is dedicated to optimizing people, things, and space management, securing worldwide Small & Medium Businesses and enterprise organizations’ workplaces, and simplifying their management.

An integrated security management platform is an indispensable management platform, and based on its own product strengths and technologies, Anviz has developed the Anviz One comprehensive security platform.

What‘s Anviz One Security Platform?
Anviz One is a comprehensive security system with a hybrid cloud architecture, consisting of locally deployed Anviz One Edge Server, access control devices, video surveillance devices, alarm devices, attendance devices, visitor management hardware devices, etc., enabling remote management and access through the cloud.

The Anviz One Edge Server is the core of the Anviz One security platform, which is a web-based access security management system device is accessible anytime, anywhere from any device that has a web browser, including Firefox, Safari, Chrome™, or Edge. Manage facility access privileges quickly and easily from any location without being tied to a dedicated client workstation.