Crosschex Cloud NTP time does not work in the Netherlands +2

After trying several times on different time zones, we are unable to properly sigronize the Crosschex Cloud with NTP +1 EU server.
We have tried +1 -1 and +2 but in Crosschex Cloud is an hour ahead of the devices in the Cloud, Please your opinion on this.
The Netherlands is in time zone +1 in winter and +2 in summer, so it’s quite difficult to get good information from the cloud.



Hi @aci-beveiliging , for the CrossChex Cloud we don´t recommend configuring NTP settings, because once the device is connected with your account, it will automatically copy the settings from there. After disabling the NTP function at your device Menu, please adjust your account as the example I did here (select your correct time zone):

Doing it, you can connect your device back to the CrossChex Cloud account, it will adjust its internal time accordingly to the option you´ve set.

If the time doesn’t switch automatically when Netherlands move from summer/winter time, you can move back or forward one option at this same field.

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Hi Leonardo
Tried your answer and it seems to work (so first create a customer with time zone and then add clock to account)
thanks for that
kind regards Alan ACI.

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@aci-beveiliging thanks for the feedback! Happy to know.

Don´t hesitate contacting us if you need further assistance :smiley:

Parta Reública Dominicana cual seria la configuración_?

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Hola @ponchadortp , para República Dominicana recomendamos el servidor de EEUU: , y en zona horaria / Time Zone puedes elegir la opción UTC -4.


Hi there,

We have a similar problem. We are in timezone UTC Greenwich Mean Time, Which we have set in the CrossChex Cloud admin area.

Moving on to our Anviz W1 PRO, the time settings are set to manual. And the time is set according to what I can see on my phone.

However, when setting Attendance/Shift start and end times, we enter a start time, e.g. 9am and later after saving it is displayed as 10am. Even after changing it back to the 9am, it appears to be changing automatically. This is not ideal.

Another related issue. When adding the shift to the Attendance/Schedule, we get an error:

“The time zone of the CrossChex Cloud system does not match your local system, please set the correct time zone to continue schedule the shift.”

In an attempt to fix the problem, I go back to Crosschex Cloud settings and set the timezone to UTC +!. Not ideal. This relieves us of the match error above but does not fix the problem of the shift periods always being 1 hour ahead, i…e 9am is displayed as 10am.

Is this a bug? We really need some help.