Anviz A300 for Elevator Access Control

Hi there!

This is a very interesting use of our Anviz A300, a previous version of our current Anviz A350

It´s a very curious access control mode, and very efficient for its purposes.

For this project, customer has an office at the 4th floor, the highest floor of the building, and only authorized people should be able to reach there.

As the solution, installer replaced the 4th floor switch contact by the A300 output relay signal. In other words, whenever A300 identifies an authorized user, it triggers the relay output, which is connected replacing the 4th floor button, generating an authorized access record and calling the elevator :smiley:.

As we can see in the photo, the installer took the good care to keep the existing LED light at the button, as a feedback for the user that the elevator received the calling command.

With CrossChex Standard, customer also created a access control restriction for a specific group of users, releasing access to the 4th floor only from Monday to Friday at commercial hours.

The installation was done by our partner Seclar Seguridad in Argentina

Very interesting, isn´t it? Could be done with any Anviz device with relay output.

If you have an interesting installation or curious project using Anviz devices, feel free to share it, we would be happy to see and share, inspiring other partners and customers to reach their necessities :smiley:

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