Acces Control M3 and VP30

I have 1 terminal M3 and 1 VP30.
I need that, for example, from 08:00 a.m. to 02:00 p.m., the door remains “open”, without the use of RFID cards.

What would be the alternatives to implement?

I have thought about placing a switch, to cut off the power, at that time.

Thank you very much!

Hi @ricardocvram,

You can set the so called “passage” or “free-access” mode in Anviz devices.
But it’s important to know that the device won’t open the door automatically at the given time: you have to use a valid card within the defined free-access period to initialize this special mode. It’s because of security reasons.
So, the device will open if a card is presented anytime after the start of the free-access time period and remains open until the end of the free-access period. But then the device will automatically close the door (no need to present any card).

How to setup this special function in CrossChex Standard?
Click on ‘Access Control’ tab and from the ‘Time period list’ select one of the last 4 items (29, 30, 31, 32).
It’s important to use these slots (29, 30, 31, 32) the others won’t work for free-access.
Give a name to the time period (e.g. free-access) and fill in the begin/end time for each day then click on ‘Apply’.
You should now proceed as you would setting up a normal access control and finally upload the information to the device(s).

Hi, Tibor
tks very much for helping me.
What would be the procedure for
for upload the information to the device?
In to device i have cards rfid registred.
What upload information without losing data.

Hi @ricardocvram,

Here’s a short guide how to setup fre-access in device.

Click on ‘Access control’ icon in CrossChex Standard and select the ‘Time Period Infromation’ tab then follow the steps as shown on the picture below:
1 - select a time slot from the 29-32 range
2 - give a name to the time slot
3 - fill in the table with open/close time for each day
4 - click on ‘Apply’ button

Now go to ‘Access Group’ tab and follow the steps as shown on the picture below:
1 - select an empty access group
2 - give a name to the access group
3 - from the ‘Time Period 1’ drop-down menu select the earlier defined free-access time slot
4 - click on ‘Apply’ button

Finally go to ‘User in Group’ tab as shown on the picture below:

Click on the ‘Update Access Setting to Device’ button to upload the free-access time slot information to the device (don’t forget to select the device(s).

These changes doesn’t have any affect on RFID cards already registered for the users.