Anviz Integration java

I am try to connect our ERP Product to ANVIZ W2 using web interface. To provide a complet solutions to our customers.

I have understand that we can do it using ajax call or rest api technology.
If I call the divice answer with {code:“success”,msg:“”,session_key:“1165400226”,power:“1”}
Now I can call to and I get receive a json string with Id, name, time and status.

Are there any documentations about the anviz web server to improve my comunications and get more information about the divice?


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Hi @Jose_Luis

We have device SDK and Cloud API to help you to integrate with our hardware. For Web APP integrate we suggest use Cloud API to integrate with our device.

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thanks Felix,
Our customer doesn’t want send data informataions out of their office.
Are there any list of transacction on web server on Anviz device?
I have seen that Anviz are using GoAhead WebServer.
It’s very important for us that we could use these web interface transacctions

Hi Jose:
Sorry there is another way to communication with our device. Use the device SDK to communicaiton and mangement the terminal. The SDK is base on the C# Language.

You can submit the SDK request from: