Cross Chex Cloud Integration Django/Python

Hello, we would like to recommend Anviz clocks and cross chex cloud to our payroll clients that need hardware clocks. How can we integrate with cross chex cloud to pull timesheet/clock-in data in our Django based web app?

Is there any API documentation for Cross Chex cloud? Our clients can go through an oauth workflow or simply use an API key.

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Hello @thepayroll ,

Here you can find our cloud documentation, they are based on the Cloud communication directly with the Anviz hardware, not the CrossChex Cloud specifically:

Files > GitHub - AnvizJacobs/AnvizCloudKit: Anviz device cloud PHP interface kit

Readme > AnvizCloudKit/ at master · AnvizJacobs/AnvizCloudKit · GitHub

Protocol > AnvizCloudKit/Protocol.php at master · AnvizJacobs/AnvizCloudKit · GitHub

According to your description, my suggestion is to work under the webhooks integration with CrossChex Cloud.

We have received your request, my R&D colleagues will work to enable the developer mode to your account.

Best Regards.

Thank you @Leonardo_Anviz.

To be sure, Cross Chex cloud does not have an API?

Can you please point me to the webhook documentation?

Can you verify that the following anviz device will work with cross chex: We have purchased one for testing.

Hello @thepayroll

You can find all the webhooks related stuff on these topics:

yes, the CX2 can work with the Cloud, but it is a limited hardware when comparing with other T&A hardware for integration. For example, it can connect with the CrossChex Cloud, but this model does not have bi directional service (all the information must be set by the cloud and transferred for the hardware)

We have other alternatives to explore more complete hardware functions, such as EP330 PRO, C2 PRO, etc…

Best Regards