APP/CLOUD time doesn't works

I have a problem with the time into the APP.

The time into the AP3000 Pro it’s correct. If I punch directly into the device, the time is good. The AIM Crosschex Standard show a correct time…BUT when the cloud takes this punchs, automatically change the time, remoming one hour. Same in to the APP

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Hi @jvivo

Are you using the same hardware for the 3 Apps together?

Maybe this is the cause, we don´t suggest it, it can create many conflcits, ncluding this one.

Please set up device as default whenever you´re testing a different software solution.

Best Regards

Yes I’m using one AP300 for the Movile APP and the CroxChex Standard.

Now, the AP300 Pro have a good time, but in the cloud appears -1
If I punch from the mobile app the time is good and in the web service appears fine.

The only problem, that i couldn’t solve is that

  • The AP3000 Pro have good time, but when we punch on it, into the cloud appears -1

Thank you for your suppor

hI @jvivo

I reinforce to be very careful using crosschex standard and cloud together for the same device.

If you are on a region under DST (Daylight saving time), please log in at your cloud account and:

Click Settings at main tab;

Click General on the vertical left bar;

Select the option Handle DST , insert " 1 " there, and click Confirm (first on the top).

That will correct the time of your clock based on your location.


I must be doing something wrong.

I select the option Handle DST , insert " 1 " there, and click confirm (first on the top) but nothing changes. The records still appear with one our less as also the exported timesheets.
Same results as when the DST value is “0”.
Thank you

After Modifying the Handle DST option and confirm, please restart your device, it may take the correct time accordingly

for the records aleady taken, they will not be modified, if you need that, its necessary to inform our team which records (urers and time frame) you need to change (1 hour ahead or 1 hour before), informing also your cloud account

My colleague @Sarah_Anviz will follow up in case you need further assistance.

Thanks Sarah!