Duplicate punches after one hour

Hi, we are currently facing an issue with 3 devices in our cloud.
The problem, as the title says, is that whenever an employee punches, a record is automatically added for the same user with check time incremented by 1 hour.

Leave the fact that in the first picture the employee has punched 2 times instead of 1, but as you can see each record is duplicated one hour after.

@l.stramenga can you please inform your cloud account and ID ? Are you using European or US Server?

I´ll ask my colleague @Sarah_Anviz to review it

The cloud ID is 210000369 on cn.crosschexcloud.com.
The duplicates records are present in a couple of departments in the time interval that goes from 27 March to 30 March.

Also, I issue another problem, that occurs always, regardless of the department and time interval :
The check-time that we see on the web page (CrossChex Cloud) is always one hour less than the one that is exported in the xls file. I suppose that the latter is a problem with DST/Timezone since we have changed it last week

thanks for the detailed feedback @l.stramenga

My colleague @Sarah_Anviz will check as soon as possible

Hi @l.stramenga ,

Did you change the timezone for DST? Can you tell me the exact date on which you changed it?

Yes, we did change the timezone (from +1 to +2 UTC) on March 27th.

We don’t suggest changing time zone once you have already used the schedule. Changing time zone always causes errors.
If you need to set DST, please set correct time zone and Handle DST. I recommend you refer to the tutorial below. We’ll help to edit wrong record after correct settings.

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As you suggested few days ago we changed the time & date setup settings Timezone UTC+1 and add 1 to Handle DST. Duplicated records issue still remain.