Crosschex Standard addon

Hi @Felix_Anviz. A shortcut for our project that intends to generate the required information for the Panama payroll system PayDay may be using Crosschex Standard. Is it possible to modify the CrossChex Standard code and allow us to call a piece of code (.exe) developed for us that can get the required information from the CrossChex Standard database and generate the required report? What we need is if is possible to add a menu that can call our small application (developed by us)

Hi @jeperaltag

Unofrtunately the source code of CrossChex Standard is not available.

I can suggest you two ways:

  1. Use our SDKs to generate your own software

  2. Collect the necessary information directly from software database, and do the integration by there (it can be by the Default software database MDB Access file, or by SQL Server database, CrossChex Standard supports it)

Let us know if some of this options works for you, we can help in advance.

Best Regards :smiley: