CrossChex Cloud export records to CrossChex Standard


I still prefer CrossChex Standard reports, there is some way to export records from CrossChex Cloud into CrossChex Standard?
Made an initial test and exported a xls file from CrossChex Cloud, but i can only see text files import functionality in CrossChex Standard.

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We don’t have any specific way to transfer data from CrossChex Cloud to CrossChex Standard. The record from Cloud is exactly the same as the record on device so you can just connect the device to CrossChex Standard and download the data.

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your support.
Ok, but in that case I can’t mix a device with the CrossChex app, because the app only stores data in CrossChex Cloud.


Hi trevomatic,
hi Sarah,

is there a solution yet? I for myself am faced with the same problem. We use CrossChex Standard because of the power of the software. But if there are some “fix attendance” or punches with the app, I have the problems now.

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Hello, Ben

Please note that all punches made with the app will be still go to CrossChex Cloud. And as the device will be in sync with the cloud, the data on the cloud will be sent to the device again.

So you can download the records from the device via the crosschex standard eventually.