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I am delighted to invite you to become a Anviz Community Partner today. Anviz Community is connecting with global Anviz users. An area can learn, help and share experiences from our most experienced community members.

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Distributors, Resellers, System Integrators, Solution Providers, Installers and Customers involved in Sales, Support & Management of Anviz Access Control, Time and Attendance and Video Surveillance solutions.

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Community Manager
Anviz Global


Hi There,
I tried to sign in but the system say you already did.
So therefore this email.
I am Bas from Kalovi i gone use anviz to controle access to a ski resort in austria. I have tested whit one device and that was ok in test.
At the end of this year the appartments must be ready 7 in total.
An than i need 8 devices for access control.

Greetings Bas van Iersel

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Thanks for letting us know @bas1304 ! If the system said already did that means you can use the email to log in to the community directly, you can find back your password if you forgot it. If you are still experiencing login issues, or run into problems in the future, feel free to let us know here.

For the apartment access control requirements, our team @Leonardo_Anviz will get back to you very soon.

Thank you for choosing Anviz! Have a nice day!

Welcome partner @cesar.duenas !We are excited to have you here. Please introduce yourself.

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Welcome partner @Sebastien.H from the United States! We are excited to have you here!

Welcome partner @Tibor ! We are excited to have you here. Please introduce yourself.

Welcome partner @alejandro from Argentina! We are excited to have you here. Please introduce yourself.

Hi @bas1304 ,

Could you please fill our Project Form with the details of your requirements?

I will contact you by e-mail so we can proceed with your project requirements and evaluate the best solution for you. Please check your e-mail box & spam box if necessary, then reply me after you fill the form.

If you dont receive my email let me know here :smiley:

Best Regards

Buen día estimados compañeros,

Un placer formar parte de esta gran comunidad, además contribuir con esta gran marca.

De antemano aquí tienen aun compañero-amigo para lo que les pueda llegar a ayudar.

Saludos. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!
Delighted to belong to this Community!
We are a consultancy that integrates technological security solutions and responds to security demands to its Clients.
Delighted to work with Anviz for many years now and see its evolution to what it is right now, one of the greats!
With Anviz we have had great successful solutions with our Clients, where they have always been delighted.
As a curious fact, and alluding to Anviz’s great solutions, a supermarket chain asked us for a simple but practical and safe solution, for which we recommend Anviz. As you may suppose, it was not only installed in that supermarket but in the entire chain. They are delighted.
Anything you need we are happy to be at your disposal!
All the best!

Hola a todos y todas!
Encantados de pertenecer a esta Comunidad!
Somos una asesoría que integra soluciones de seguridad tecnológica y da respuesta a demandas de seguridad a sus Clientes.
Encantados de trabajar con Anviz desde hace ya muchos años y ver su evolución hasta lo que es ahora mismo, uno de los grandes!
Con Anviz hemos tenidos grandes soluciones de éxito con nuestros Clientes, dónde siempre han estado encantados.
Como dato curioso, y haciendo alusión a las grandes soluciones de Anviz, una cadena de supermercados nos demandó una solución senzilla pero práctica y segura, por lo que recomendamos Anviz. Como supondrán no sólo se instaló en ese supermercado sinó en toda la cadena. Están encantados.
Cualquier cosa que necesiten estamos encantados de estar a su disposición!
Un saludo!


Welcome community partner @InnovaPlanner ! We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us! You’re a crucial part of this team!

Welcome community partner @gustavo ! We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us! You’re a crucial part of this team!

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