YOU MUST READ! Win $600/month Bonus & Prizes & Giveaways with Anviz Community Partner Program

Congratulations on becoming an Anviz Community Partner. There are three levels of community partners: Basic, Pro, and Plus.

We’ll show you how to win up to $600 Bonus & Prizes & Giveaways with Anviz Community Partner Program every month!

More Surprises:

  1. Double the rewards if you meet the target for 12 consecutive months.
  2. Every calendar month, your story post having the highest number of Likes in the community will be the monthly winner (more than 30 Likes at least). The publisher will get an Apple AirPods.


  1. Every 5th of each month, our community manager will evaluate your contribution of last month and issue rewards every 20th.
  2. Basic partners who do not follow the rules for 2 consecutive weeks would lose the partner badge. Keep doing. The spoils always go to the one that puts in just that extra 1% effort.

If you have any questions about this program, please comment on the TOPIC in the Anviz community.

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Cool plan! Looking forward to working together with our community partners!

La comunidad Anviz llegó a Latinoamérica, estamos deseosos de participar en cada uno de estos programas y poder contribuir en dar a conocer estos excelentes productos muy competitivos en el mercado.