Information EP300PRO

Hi, I have several EP300PROs and I need some information:

  1. Is it possible to delete the registered stamps?
  2. after resetting the device I lost the Italian language, how can I restore it?
  3. where can i find the SDKs?
  4. Are there communication libraries available for Android as well as Windows?
  5. Is there documentation on the TCP/IP communication protocol used by the time attendance?
  6. Is there a complete manual available?

Hi @alberto.balducci,

Here’re the answers:

  1. What do you mean by stamp? Fingerprint templates or records?
  2. Enter the device menu and go to “Settings”->“Display”->“Language”. Push"OK" button and select the desired language with the cursor buttons (< >). After it’s selected press “OK” again and leave the menu pressing “M” button to save changes.
  3. Please, check this topic:
  4. Please, ask about @Leonardo_Anviz. I’m sure he can answer you.
  5. You’ll find it in the SDK.
  6. Of what? Device, software etc.? Please, be more specific.

Hi @alberto.balducci and @Tibor

  1. It´s possible to delete the stamps/records by the CrossChex Standard software, or SDKs

  2. We do have SDKs for Windows and Linux, unfortunately Android is not available yet.

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Hi @Tibor and @Leonardo_Anviz ,
thank you for the answer,

  1. I need to delete the record
  2. Italian is not present in the available languages, but it was there before resetting it
    3-4-5. Thanks, I try it
    6 I look for manual of device, I found other manuals, I think for the EP300 non-pro model

Hi @alberto.balducci ,

  1. Deleting all records in device: go to “Device”->“Device parameter” and click on “Clear attendance records”.
  2. In this case I recommend you to upload the firmware to the device. Submit a Trouble Ticket and ask for the latest fimware file.
  3. There’s a quick operation guide found in the downloads: EP300 Pro Quick Guide.

Hi @Tibor ,

  1. If i select “setting”->“Device”, I don’t found “device parameter”, maybe due to different firmware? I have firmware version 03.46.BR_dark, Kernel version g7460186_W04, File System 01.46.03.
  2. Thanks, but I already have a Quick Guide, I’m looking for a complete manual if available

Hi @alberto.balducci ,

  1. You have to use the CrossChex software (as Leonardo wrote above too).
  2. Only this Quick Guide is available.

We have applications in the android or cloud environment and not just windows that should be able to connect to your device.
In order to be able to independently develop versions deployable on different OSes, I need to know the documentation of the TCP/IP communication protocol with which the dll communicates with the EP300PRO, so as to be able to reproduce all the interactions directly in .NET Core, completely bypassing the dll.
It’s possible ?


I believe the steps above are valid for almost all devices. But i have a question regarding W1 Pro.

After pressing “Clear all attendance records” in Crosschex Standard in fact it cleans all records and i can’t download them anymore. Then, if i go to the terminal web server interface i still see records in the “Record List” menu option. Are these W1 Pro devices storing the same data in different storage compartments? If yes, how does this affect the device storage capacity?


Hi @alberto.balducci , we do have Linux SDK, Windows SDK and also Cloud APIs,. We don´t have Android SDK but we have customers which already developed other OS applications, for example web based systems … Here I share our SDK link so you can check all the details

Hi @trevomatic

The records you see on the web browser will not affect the device´s memory.

When we delete the records, we inform the system that memory space can be used, in other words, it´s stays in the device memory in a “available space”, so when you fill it with other new records, they will be replaced and overwritten…

Let me know if it´s clear to you.

: D

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Hi @Leonardo_Anviz,

Ok, that explains why i keep seeing them :smiley:


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Hello. did u find the solution for restoring Italian language on EP300 pro after reset?

Hi, you need to reload the firmware after the reset to get the Italian language back

Hello, friends

Yes, if you don’t see the Italian language when selecting language after initialization, you need to upgrade the Italian patch again. For that, please contact us at