What is Anviz RVI? What can it do for me?

The RVI is Real-time Video Intelligent Analytics Processing System.

Anviz’s Video Analytics products add AI to cameras by analyzing video content in real-time, extracting metadata, sending out alerts and providing actionable intelligence to security personnel or other systems. Video Analytics can be embedded at the edge (in-camera), They extract only the valid motion in a scene, filtering out noise such as lighting changes, weather, trees and animal movements.

Anviz iCam network camera has the widest offering of AI and Deep Learning-based Intelligent Video Analytics products in the market today. These core products form the basis for all of iCam analytics product line, automating video analysis and security alerts, and reducing the need for manual monitoring.

Key features include:
Object classification – human/ pet/vehicle;
Intrusion detection and line crossing;
People/vehicle counting;
Object left/removed;
Video summary.

Video Motion Detection. Detects valid motion, filtering out noise such as lighting changes and tree/animal movements.

Object Classification. Detects and classifies an object as a Human, Vehicle, Pet, or other. Reduces false detection from non-security related objects.


Camera Tamper Detection. Detects any attempt to tamper with the camera, partially or completely blocking its field of view, or drastically changing the camera angle.

Line Crossing. Detects a moving object which crosses the defined line. Entry/exit direction can be defined and line drawn in any direction.


Intrusion Detection. Provides automated perimeter monitoring and secure area protection.

Loitering. Detects when a person has been in a specified area for more than a specified time.

Object Left/Removed. Detects when an object has been left unattended for too long and is not part of the normal scene, or when an object is removed.


Video Counter. Counts people, vehicles and other objects. Generates comprehensive reports on people and vehicle traffic patterns.

Video Summary. Reduces a long archived video to a short, manageable summary with actual events.

Anviz RVI can be used for:
 Home security systems
 Enterprise, commercial and critical infrastructure security
 Urban and public area monitoring
 Law enforcement and transportation
 Airports, ports, maritime and government institutions

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