How much core technology does the IntelliSight IP camera have?

Real-time video stream analysis is a comprehensive intelligent algorithm based on front-end real-time video streaming. Widely used in Anviz camera and NVR products.

  1. Edge-AI Analysis
    Anviz AI analysis technology can reach up to 200 objects detection and analysis, including face recognition and analysis with age range, gender, colors of clothes, vehicle detection with vehicle type, colors, vehicle brand, and license plate numbers. The AI analysis technology can also realize regional intruder alarm, abnormal sound alarm, item moving and left behind alarm, and other customized smart applications.

Detection and Recognition

  1. Video Optimization

The Anviz 5G technology could provide fastest linkage and data transaction with lower latency and higher bandwidth.

SD Card
Edge Storage: Every Anviz Camera Supports Edge SD card storage and could saving more than 70% local storage cost together with Anviz Smart Stream Technology.

3. Platform Application Technology
***Cyber Security (ACP protocol)
ACP is the unique encryption and internet transmission protocol customized for its biometric devices, CCTV devices and smart home devices based on AES256 and HTTPS protocol. ACP protocol can realize 3 functions of interworking broadcast, protocol interaction and information sharing.
At the same time, ACP protocol covers the hardware underlying algorithm, area interconnection, cloud communication three vertical platforms, and has a deep decompilation technology to ensure the LAN, cloud communication data interaction security and customer privacy protection.

Anviz provides a multifunctional and well diversified hardware and cloud-based SDK / API development protocols with different possible development languages including C#, Delphi, VB. Anviz SDK / API can provide professional platform partners with convenient hardware integration and one to one services for in-detailed customization of requirements.

As a global strategic partner, AWS authorizes and helps Anviz setup cloud surveillance globally, not only keep the highest data security level and also provide the IP protection in all key countries around the world.