About the IntelliSight VMS category

IntelliSight is an end to end intelligent video surveillance software platform launched by Anviz. It is committed to providing more intelligent and convenient video management system and more efficient video security services to SMB and enterprises around the world.

The IntelliSight platform integrates with a customer oriented desktop VMS and a mobile App for easily remote management. The desktop VMS provides complete functions of quick adding and previewing IP cameras, NVRs, play back center with multiple options, E-map function for one stop visible management and a smart event center for person, vehicle and object management. You can get instant smart event alert and access to the system by anytime, at anyplace through the mobile App.

IntelliSight is a cloud based and scalable platform which can manage unlimited subsidiaries and sites. The free cloud license and 7 days smart events retention is provided for all Intellisight users.