Anviz VF30 Pro no WiFI

Hi Anviz Support,

it is supposed that device Anviz VF30 PRo has WiFI integrated, but my device hasn’t this option in network options of the device, this is possible? or it is needed some firmware upgrade?

Thanks in advance


Dear @hmoreno ,

It depends on the batch/year of fabrication… The previous versions of VF30PRO used to have WiFi as optional.

If you provide us a picture of the device label´s box where says firmware version and serial number, we would be able to confirm if your device is capable of wifi communication or not.

Hope to hear from you :smiley:

Hi @Leonardo_Anviz

Serial number: 1630200022200003
firmware vs: 03.40.AX_dark

Thanks, regards

Hi @hmoreno sorry for late reply

Your device has embbed Wi-Fi

please try a firmware upgrade


firmware update tutorial:

after the upgrade wait for 1 or 2 minutes, then check the Network page if you can see the WiFi icon there

Good Luck :smiley: