Summary for Anviz Product's Firmware

For convenience we made this topic listing all firmware of Anviz access control & time attendance device. You can upgrade your device as necessary.

If you don’t know how to upgrade the firmware, please refer to the upgrade guidances below:

Click to Check Upgrade Guidance Suits ST Platform Device

ST Platform devices:
T5, T5 Pro, T5 S
M5, M5 Pro
P7, M7
VF30, VP30, VF20

Get Firmware for ST device:

Click to Check Upgrade Guidance Suits Linux Platform Device

Linux Platform devices:
A350, A350C, A380
C2 Pro, C2 KA, C2 Slim
EP30, EP300 Pro
FaceDeep5 Series
FacePass7 Pro
M5 Plus, M3 Pro
VF30 Pro
W1 Pro, W2 Pro

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If you need to upgrade firmware for above device types, please submit a ticket with the serial number, current firmware and kernel version. We’ll send you the correct firmware and help with the upgrading.

If you have any concerns or questions, please submit a ticket and our technical support team will help .


Hi guys, where can I get the latest Facedeep 3 Firmware? Thanks

Hi @juansimonelli ,
Since we have serveral FaceDeep 3 firmware for different hardware, we don’t share them in public. If you have requirements, please kindly submit a ticket with your current firmware version.

Hi @Johnny_Anviz ,

There’re some other devices which are missing from the list above:
ST platform: A300(WiFi)
Linux platform: M-Bio.
Can you add the firmware for these devices?

Hi @Tibor
Thanks for your suggestions, firmware for A300 and M-bio is updated

what is the password for zip file?

Hi @it24h.nw ,the zip file downloaded doesn’t need to be unzipped, you can upgrade with it directly

Hi @Johnny_Anviz ,
Can you check if there’s a newer firmware for Ultramatch S2000 device?
The actual one is V03.30.31 what our devices have got.
Thanks in avance!

Hey @Tibor
Sorry that the S2000 device has been discontinued for years ,the version V03.30.31 is already the latest version .

i need the last firmware for C5.

where is?

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After upgrading firmware in anviz P7 with provided file

device’s keyboard is not responding anymore and it’s not available by IP-address. I mentioned that file name of the firmware for VF30 device is same as firmware name for p7 device. Is it right?

Hi @Johnny_Anviz @Sarah_Anviz

I would like to know if there is any firmware version available for the ANVIZ C5 Biometric Clock terminal.
Thank you!

Dear Uavheli

Yes,VF30 and P7 use same firmware ,I suggest you upgrade back if the factory reset not working.

Sorry that due to C5 has been discontiued for yeas its firmware is not published here ,can you please share the current firmware version,we will send seperately to you if it’s available.

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I hereby ask for your help, because we have some Anviz A300 WIFI and we have updated the firmware to version 6.62, in three devices. And now the devices always appears as offline in CrossChex, via WIFI.
Via LAN or USB it communicates with CrossChex.
it happens, via WIFI, over the Internet. If it is on the same LAN as the PC with Crosschex, the devices already communicate, via WIFI, with CrossChex.
With the original Firmware 06.48, it works fine, via WIFI.

Thank you for your help,

Best regards

Hi everyone,

I facing an issue on Facepas 7 Pro not recognize the Men with beard

Any software update nedded


The existing Firmware Ver. 03.76.B6_dark_BT107-M-ARF-MI

Dear informatica
We find the issue with A300,V6.62 firmware ,the wifi may not work after upgrading.Due to A300 has discontinued for years ,we suggest not upgrading to the latest unless it’s a must.

Dear Alhajj
For this case please submit a ticket from below link,our engineer will help you with troubleshooting

Hi ! I need Firmware for FacePass7

Hi @jporter25517

Please submit a ticket informing your current firmware and the issues you have with the FacePass 7: