Anviz W2 Pro not powering on automatically after power outage

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Happy to be here. We have installed Anviz w2 pro (in standalone mode) and connected them to Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) so that when the power goes they stay on. However when the UPS went down they completely went off; when the power comes back people cannot get in or out unless the devices are powered on manually.

So if someone was inside the building and wanted to get out after power is back they would get stuck inside, unless there is someone else outside to power on the device which isn’t always the case.

I wanted to ask if there is way these devices can power on automatically when the power is back or if there is any other solution to go about this.

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Hi @busholy , I believe we have a firmware version that can powers up the device automatically once the device receive power again… Please send us a picture of your device Basic Info page, I´ll check if the mentioned firmware is compatible to your w2 pro devices

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Thank you Leonardo for the quick reply. I am happy a firmware is available that can solve our issue. Attached is a flyer and brochure of the device as requested. Looking forward for your reply.


(Attachment Anviz_W2Pro_Flyer_EN_02.22.2021.pdf is missing)

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Thank you Leonardo for the quick reply. I am happy a firmware is available that can solve our issue. Looking forward for your reply.


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This might also help:

Hi @busholy

thank you, I will check and feedback you soon!

@Sarah_Anviz please help checking if we do have a firmware or a alternative solution to bypass the power button?


Thank you Leonardo for the continued support, looking forward for a solution.


Is it 2wire EM lock or 4Wire EM lock ?? seems like installation (wiring) issue

Thank you for your reply, the installation is a 2 wire EM lock.


HI Oliver

you can connect
COM (Purple) to Power Supply PWR+12V
NC(blue) to Lock PWR+12V
LOCK GND to Power Supply GND

This indicates that if W2 has no power, the EM lock will also have no power. As a result, the Em Lock will remain open even if power is turned off.

I am Not Remember Exact Colurs for W2


Thank you, when the power is off EM is open and W2 off, however when the power is back the EM instantly get locked even if the W2 is off, needing us to power the W2 so that we can get in or out.

I can confirm that is how we did the wiring.


You can also try a firmware update and the Extra Step, connect USB Charger Cable - A-Male to Mini-B Cord to provide power and Test

ensure that only one power source is connected, either a USB cable or a 12V power adapter.

THANK YOU SAFE-NETWORK, as per the firmware on my device it says V03.28.33 and the latest i found on this community is 03.28.BF_dark is it newer or the same?


@busholy is newer

@Johnny_Anviz and @Sarah_Anviz can you please check if we have a firmware that bypasses the power button for W2 PRO? Customer firmware is V03.28.33


Hi Busholy,
Thank you for contacting us, as we discussed in the ticket Anviz2023#00863, we suggest that you could discuss with the seller for replacement. Our latest version of devices could meet your needs. And updating firmware couldn`t solve the UPS problem.

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thanks @shannon.xiang !