Anviz t5 Pro blinking, firmware upgrade

After poweroutage our Anviz t5 Pro get blinking and don’t reads cards and users. Tried cleanup data and restore to factory. Please anyone get similar problem?
My current firmware version is 05.05.A1 but could not find any updated version.


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Hi @d.rodriguez please try using this version frstly, its the recommended for your hardware version:

05.37 > - Google Drive

If the problem persists, then try the latest version

06.22 > ST_T5X_M_06.22_BURN.rar - Google Drive

Upgrade tutorial: How To Update Anviz Firmware (ST platform, devices with no screen) - YouTube

Hi Leonardo, Thank you! firmware already upgraded.
Please how can i factory reset the device? after changing mode from server to client cannot see it in crosscheck anymore. Tried with reset button and with poweroff while pushing reset button. Some black magic for this?


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You can use the USB communication method…

Plug the USB cable on T5 PRO, then swipe Enroll Card to authorize communication.

Once communication is set, click Device Parameter and then Initialize Terminal Device

However, to change back to Server Mode, you will need to click on the device icon with right button (after connected by USB), then Set the IP Configuration

Select the work mode and change it back to Server

Hi Leonardo,
Thank you for your detailed explanation. The problem is that i cannot list it from USB at crosscheck > adding devices. Discover cannot find this T5 pro. USB communication seems ok since i could upgrade firmware without problems and device is being shown as mounted on laptop. Is there any way to perform hard-reset to device?

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Hi @d.rodriguez you can use the left side to add the device manually, by USB you won´t find it automatically on the search.

Use Device ID as 0 (zero) if you don´t know it´s ID, choose USB mode and click ADD
(make sure you have done then enroll card proceed before, same method for the firmware upgrade).

Once it´s done, you can follow my last message :smiley:

Hi Leonardo, It worked! really thank you very much! This is a near real time top notch support!
Current working firmware is 06.22.A1 and it seems work good with our T5 Pro. Will wait some days before update all other ones.

After upgrade firmware, the annoying race condition where the unit get in programing mode (blinking blue) after power outage seems fixed.

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Excellent @d.rodriguez ! Keep us posted in case further necessities :smiley:

Also invite you to share more details of yous intallation at the Stories page if that´s ok

Best Regards!

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