C2 PRO FW request

Hi Support,
I’m looking for a new or a different FW version for C2 PRO because at the moment I have a trouble with an integration software, developed by third parts.

At the moment my device have 03.A4.BB release.
I try to find it but it’s not online, please can i have it?


Hi @assistenza

03.A4.BB is the version you have, is that right?

Do you need a specific version, or just the updated compatible with that?

Please confirm and I can ask my technical team to help you.


Hi Leonardo,
yes 03.A4.BB is my release.
Please send me a couple of FW for test, older or newer.


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@Sarah_Anviz can you please help with some firmware versions for this C2PRO according to our conversation?

Many thanks

Hi Leonardo,
sorry but I have no answer from Sarah, can you do something?


Sorry @assistenza

I will send her a private message to support here!

Best Regards

Hi good day!

can you send me firmware ver 03.12.04 for Anviz C2 pro?

Thank you

Hi. Please check the firmware in the private message.

Update Failed



Dear mam,

The update
Update Failed
failed using the firmware you sent. Please help

Thank you

please update it by the web browser @soljon121890

here is a update tutorial

or by USB


Tried to web but could not log in. The default user and pass are not working

Tried to update via USB but the update not found (the file is already in USB)


please inform your device serial number and your region

we may need to forward to a local support partner to help


I am from Laguna, Philippines. Thank you

Dear customer,

Knidly note that the firmware of the device 03.12.04 is not compatible for another device with version 03.A4.**.
The “Out of time” message indicates that the employee doesn’t have permission to open the day (if the device is used as access control), but it will not affect the attendance records.
If you don’t want this message appears, please modify the user information in the menu “User” - “Modify”. Input the user ID and press OK and check “User Group”, chang it to “1” .



Switching the user group to 1 eliminates the message Out Of time for the Biometric Device, yet the default user group in Crosschex is 0. Could this potentially create conflicts in the attendance system or records?