API token expiration

Hi! Good day. I would like to know if the token we get from post request using your api have an expiration? Also, I would like to know if using your cloud system is lifetime to use? Thank you very much. Hoping for you feedback. Our company id is 110006774

Hi @ohayo04.jd

CrossChex Cloud is lifetime, there is not any cost or license, neither expirartion time as long as you have at least 1 device connected to the account

For the API question, my colleague @Felix_Anviz will reply as soon as possible.


Thank you sir. Sir @Felix_Anviz can you please assist me about my API question. Thank you very much

Hi Each Token is for two hours. After two hours you can apply new token again. The Cloud is not any cost or license.

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Thank you sir! I have another question, do you have limit or expiration for the datas that we are storing in your system?

The Records we keep about 6 month

okay sir thank. Sir can we request records fir specific employee?

i would like to follow up these concern sir. can we request records of specific employee using your api? Thank you. @Felix_Anviz