General queries / crosschex cloud / api operation

Dear ANVIZ team

Together with my development team, we have been reviewing an integration with our attendance management and reporting system, we tested the functionality of the CrossChex Cloud API and we came up with certain observations.

We would like you to clarify these queries for us.

  1. Is the current API version still 1.0?

  2. Description and function of the “requestId” field:

  3. Description and function of the “timestamp” field:

  4. Date and time structure description: “2024-02-2T09:40:07+00:00” (What is the functionality of “+00:00”?)

  5. Configure the time zone of logs delivered by the API

We register a mark with our time zone “(UTC -5:00) Eastern Standard Time, Western Caribbean Standard Time”

But at the time of making the query, it sends us the information with a difference of 5 hours.

Is it possible to set the time zone?

I hope you can help us with these queries and thank you in advance for your response.