Case Study - SEAtS Software - Student Attendance Platform

Hi there,

I would like to introuce one of out Partners named SEAtS (, a company dedicated to provide schools and universities a better way to manage, organize and schedule education activities.

SEATs integrates Anviz hardware with their application, helping the check in and check out for students attendance and also for the internal staff, even contributing to the covid healthy protocols by checking users temperature and mask detection if necessary.

If you´re interested in knowing more, please take a look on the information and links below :slight_smile:

The new normal needs a new timetabling solution.

Drive better student outcomes
Combine physical and online student attendance capture with engagement analytics for a complete view of student progression.

Facilitate effective interventions
Real-time early alerts for at-risk students.

Student Attendance Devices

Monitor attendance with a device to suit your campus. SEAtS offers a full suite of technology to suit your needs. Our primary objective is to ensure our customers derive the maximum benefit from our software.

SEAtS Touchless Attendance Device with Fever Recognition
SEAtS latest touchless biometric attendance capture device has a high definition camera for contactless facial and palm recognition combined with an infrared sensor for real-time temperature detection. It’s the ideal solution to help with current measures for disease prevention.