New Product Release: Anviz C2 Series Access Control and Time & Attendance Devices

C2 Series (C2 Pro, C2 Slim, C2 KA and C2 SR) is a biometric and RFID access control & time attendance based on Anviz’s advanced technology.

With the mullion-mount, keypad design, and IP65 dust & waterproof, the C2 Series can be installed in various environments and outdoor installation.

It provides installers with lower installation and maintenance costs by supporting PoE. C2 Series also supports dual-frequency (125kHz/13.56MHz) cards with the multi-smartcard reader, HID iClass & Prox cards and communications with smartphones to access the door.

C2 Pro with fingerprint scanner, RFID reader and personal PIN offer versatile punching options, plus CrossChex Cloud time and attendance software support, which provides hassle-free workforce management.

For getting more information before the public release, Register now for the product release webinar on Thursday, May 5 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (English version), you also can Register the Spanish version on May 6, 2022 05:00 PM in Madrid.

See you there!

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Hey there,

Watch the webinar recording (English Version) here

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Thank you for attending New Product Release - Anviz C2 Series Access Control and Time & Attendance Devices. We hope you enjoyed our event.

Here you can download the presentation slides (English Version): Dropbox - Anviz C2 Series Release Webinar-5_6-EN.pdf - Simplify your life

Download the brochure of C2 Series: Dropbox - Anviz-C2 Series-Brochure-04.29.2022-EN-RGB.pdf - Simplify your life

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Gracias por asistir a Lanzamiento de los Nuevos Productos de Anviz- Serie C2 para el Control de Acceso y de Asistencia. Esperamos que haya disfrutado nuestro evento.

Si quiere bajar el PPT, podría chequear el link abajo: Dropbox - Anviz - Webinario de Lanzamiento Serie C2 5_6 ESP.pdf - Simplify your life

Puede bajar el catálogo de C2 Series: Dropbox - Anviz-Series C2 -Catálogo-05.07.2022-ES-RGB.pdf - Simplify your life

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Grabación de reuniones:

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What is the default IP address on C2 Slim device and what is the password for the wifi ?

I have been trying to access the device but am unable to get the Ip Address.

Hi @salcomtechnologies ,
The default ip is For the WiFi password, do you mean the WiFi named a serial number?

Please what is the password for login into the Device.

Also, I need step by step guide to setup C2Slim as Access control . Also, Can i use Cloud for Access control ?

Lastly, if i have C2 Pro as standalone, and i want to add it to cloud. I want to confirm is registered user will be migrated to cloud ?

Please treat it as urgent

to log in the device by web browser


to log in the device by internal menu (C2 PRO)

M > 0 > OK > 12345 > OK

C2 Slim Guide:

Currently Access Control is not available for CrossChex Cloud, only Time Attendanc.

It´s not possible to migrate users from the hardware itself to the Cloud.

However, it´s possible to migrate information from CrossChex Standard to CrossChex Cloud, you can folow this FAQ: Anviz Global | Powering a Smarter World

So if you have users on device only, please transfer them to CrossChex Standard first, then use the FAQ above to migrate it to CrossChex Cloud.

Thanks for your swift response,

Also, If i add standalone device to crosschex standard, is all the user will still be intact ? If yes, Can i syncronize the Device with C2 Slim ,

Kindly send me the step by step guide to configure crosschex Standard.

If you´re considering using only CrossChex Standard, users will be intact when you download them from hardware to software.

Please check our training session page: Free Training Webinar on Anviz Products and Solutions | Anviz Global

I separated some that will be useful:

Course 2.2: Device Settings in CrossChex Standard

Course 2.3: Upload and Download Users in CrossChex Standard

Dear Support,

None of your technical support has reach out to me over 2 months that the ticket was opened. i need to up my device C2. kindly give me the dropbox password to upgrade the device.

Dear @sdnpoints

There is no need password on our dropbox links…please check them here:

if you dont find them please contact my colleague @Sarah_Anviz to support you.