Disabling user possibility to read TA on the terminal display

Hello, we have several W1-Pro in our factory and by our policy users should not be able to read their TA on the display but if pressing M after badging they can actually read their last TA. Is there a way to disable this?

Hi @shannon.xiang can you check if thats posible?

@a.perfetti please share us your W1-PRO firmware version in advance, we´ll check if we can find a firmware with that function which is compatible to your devices…


Hi @a.perfetti ,

Thank you for contacting us. For the situation that your employees are able to check their last record, we are wondering that if they could only see once after they clock in. If so, this couldn’t be diasbled.

Best Regards,
Shannon Xiang

Hi, thank you for the attention

@ Leonardo: we have different firmware on each device:

s/n fw
1170299917390183 05.77.C1
0690200019330040 03.52.17
0640231817410034 02.04.47
0680200019331074 03.26.33
0690200019330016 03.52.17
1460212018440004 02.06.89
0640232818430156 02.04.89

As you can see they are not all W1-pro so the “problem” seems to be shared

@ Shannon:
yes, they can only see once after they clock in, problem is they can see last records too and not only the actual one. Do you know of some other terminal on which this feature can be disabled?