Firmware for w1 pro

hello i need the firmware for w1 pro ,i have kernel : ver.gac16008 , current firmware:03.26.33-ARF-EI
Serial: 0680200019330958
I can acess the device

Dear @hbalalou

Please check this topic for firmware upgrades:

i upgraded from the firmware, but when i restart have a message theres a missing font i press ok and initial screen apear but now i cant acess the device, when i try to enter de default password the device come immediately to initial screen ,i dont have , the time to enter the password ??? keep going to initial screen
( i cant acess width the crosscheck software )
( I enter debug mode i select list firmware and …not found , i make recovery mode and restart and did the same thing…)
What can i do ???

@Sarah_Anviz could you please help here? Thanks!