Download Face Template using the SDK 2.52


I’m currently working on downloading face templates from Anviz devices using SDK version 2.52. I’ve attempted to use the CChex_DownloadFacePictureModule function, but I’m facing difficulties in retrieving the face template data from the CCHEX_RET_DOWNLOAD_FACE_PICTURE_MODULE_TYPE structure, which is sent to my application when I execute the CChex_Update function.

I noticed that part of the CCHEX_RET_DOWNLOAD_FACE_PICTURE_MODULE_TYPE structure, containing picture data, is commented out. I tried uncommenting it, but encountered an error while attempting to convert the memory block into an object.

Has anyone else encountered this issue before? Are there alternative methods for retrieving face templates from Anviz devices?

Your insights and assistance are greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Felix_Anviz can you please check this issue?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Mrodrigues:

CChex_Update function is asynchronous process. When you get the respond the template may do not fully processed.

Please refer to the The CChex_Update funciton in the SDK


Hi Felix,

If I wait time enough for the message to be processed, where can I find the face template data?
The field named PictureData is commented on the SDK 2.52 example.

Hi @Leonardo_Anviz and @Felix_Anviz
Can you help me with the previous question? Thanks.


The Face photo data is keep in the " public byte PictureData; " Please uncomment it.

The image data is behind the structure (The size of structure). You can refer our SDK demo.

Thank you @Felix_Anviz, it worked perfectly.