FaceDeep 5 & FaceDeep 5 IRT Rain Covers Now Available!

There’re two options for FaceDeep 5 different installation scenarios,

Turnstile and gate installation, but also wall mounting:

Wall mounting only! Super easy to install without screwing:

One of our installation partners already installed to their project, as the end user is looking forward to!

You can contact Anviz authorized dealers in your area, also if you’re already working with a Anviz representative, contact now to know more!!

Thank you! Share here if you have installed the new rain covers!


Is it possible to install a FaceDeep 5 IRT in outside areas with this cover?

Hi there, @Leonardo_Anviz. These covers are specifically designed for protecting the devices and helping prolong the devices’ life. They don’t provide 100% effective protection for no waterproof grade products. I suggest using this method with caution.