How to Fix FaceDeep 3 or FaceDeep 5 When It Is Hard to Identify The Users with Big Beard

In our best efforts to provide an excellent service to all of our users, we are here to help you fix the problem of the facial recognition for Facedeep 3 and Facedeep 5.

If your Facedeep 3 or Facedeep 5 can’t recognize the users with big beard, please install the patches below. It is a solution for the problem.

  • Facedeep 3: Please download and install the patch.

  • Facedeep 5:

    Step 1: Check whether your current firmware with BT107 or not.
    You can check the firmware version on the device, webserver and CrossChex.

    A firmware with BT107 from the device:

    A firmware without BT107 from the device:

    Step 2 : Download and install the patch that matches your device.
    patch for BT107.
    patch for N-BT107.

For the patch installation instructions, please follow the link here How To Update Anviz Device (Linux Platform) Firmware?

After installed the patch, please restart the device and check if the problem is fixed to ensure the installation is successful. If not please check the instructions and install the patch again.


Hello, Are there any new firmware update about big beards detection? We’ve applied this patch, but we still have many users with this problem on FaceDeep3

Dear Rechumdc.Please pay attention to following point:
After upgrading the patch ,you need to register users with verification issue again ,new templates will be working with beards.

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