Getting only IN and OUT records


I have an installation with FaceDeep 5 IRT, where the customer use it as time attendance and access control.

The request is to get only the 2 records of the shift (In and out), so that they can export it to payroll system.

Is this possible in CrossChex Standard? And if not, is it possible with the SDK?


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In the way that the FaceDeep 5 terminal works (Access control - time and attendance management)

The recommendation would be to develop an integration (third party software) to debug and extract only the Entry and Exit records, this in case there are more than 2 records per day.

In case of only having 2 records in the day, the user has to use the change to record type (In/Out) so that when exporting records, this is reflected as input and output and validate if the format export is compatible with the end user payroll CRM (validate with the CRM layout)

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Got it. Thanks a lot, Henry!

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