Getting only IN and OUT records in VF30

We are currently using VF30 Pro

Is it possible to get only the in and out using the crosschex standard?

Thank you

Hi @fjavier

It´s possible to modify the Status options on the CrossChex, to let VF30 Pro have only IN and OUT as options… here is how to do it:

With this, the status Break and Overtime will be removed as status options in thre VF30 PRO display.


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Thank you very much for this!

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By the way after observing after a week I still get double in and out. What can I do to make it only in and out?
please see image below

Apparently this error is because Repeated Records:

In the device parameter settings, you can configure a time interval to avoid repeated records, usually its between 5 or 10 minutes:

My setting is 0, usually they double tap the biometric since sometimes it can’t record the fingerprint so usually they double or triple the tapping

I see

I suggest to configure it for 5 minutes then

From the 1st time the device recognize them, the device will not record for him/her in the next 5 minutes, avoiding double records.

The problem is sometimes, the device is not recording the the finger print. But thank you for your help.

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