New CrossChex Standard Software V5

The CrossChex Standard is a complete time attendance & access control management software. Now with the new upgrade version.

New GUI design and Dashboard Increased: Managers will be able to see Device status, User info, and Attendance summary directly. The remoter control the door open will be more convenient.

More convenient and comprehensive employee information display:

Improve device management efficiency and increase device group management. The card display is adapted to display the basic information of the equipment more clearly.

Support 16 access control time groups and improve user access control permission settings

Removed inefficient USB and RS485 communication modes and optimize system network communication.

Now you can download the new CrossChex Standard Software from :

We suggest that before reinstalling the new CrossChex Standard software please back up your current system’s database to avoid data loss.

Any questions please live message here. Thanks for your attention.


Excellent news! Thanks for sharing

Nice update.

However, I have 2 devices (C2PRONEW and W1 PRO); whilet W1 PRO works perfect, C2Pro shows its firmware version, serial number, ip and MAC but no users, fingerprints or registers. they are all @ 0.

Hi @logan

Can you share us the firmware version of the C2pro terminal? We will check the issues thanks.

C2Pro with v. 03.12.04.

If you ask for device info, it shows all to 0s but firmware, IP and serial number is read OK.

Nice update. One question, how can we download and upload a user template from a facedeep3 device.


You can download the users with their templates on ‘Device’ tab: select the device(s) and click on ‘Backup’ button. All users and their templates will be downloaded to the database.

For uploading there’re 2 ways:

  1. on ‘User’ tab select the users who’s template you whish to upload and click on ‘Upload’ button. In the popup window select the devices for upload and click on ‘OK’.

  2. on ‘User’ tab select the users who’s template you whish to upload and click on ‘Authorize’ button if they’re new users. In the popup window select the devices for upload and click on ‘OK’.
    In both cases the user templates will be uploaded to the device(s).


Thanks Tibor for fast and precise answer.

Hola a todos.
¿Cuántos dispositivos podemos gestionar desde la aplicación V5?

Hola @Heriberto ,

No hay un limite específico para equipos, definimos como prueba máxima ya hecha un total de 500 equipos.


Muchas gracias por la aclaración Leonardo.
Buen día.

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Hi @Leonardo_Anviz,

This new version of CrossChex software is available for download since 12/26/2022.
So, it’s a “release” version already and that’s why I think it’s time to move it to the “Products” category from the “Ealy Access”.
Or better to create there a new main topic 'cause this new software has a couple of new features which will generate probably specific questions compared to the older version (V4).
What do you think?

Very interesting question @Tibor !

My colleague @Felix_Anviz will take care of this

Thanks for bringing t up :smiley:

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Hi @Felix_Anviz,

Is there the possibility to have the dashboard texts on Hungarian language?

Is it possible to schedule monthly report export?

Hi @zdenkoraic

we replied at the topic you created here

Hola a todos.
Disponemos de manual actualizado de la V5? Sólo he podido localizar el manual de la versión anterior.

Hola @Heriberto

Está en producción un nuevo manual, tan pronto terminemos vamos a disponibilizarlo en nuestra pagina downloads.


¿Hay algún problema de compatibilidad entre esta nueva versión y los T5 Pro? No puede conectar mientras que la versión 4.3.18 sí lo hace.

Por otro lado, algunos textos aparecen en chino en la instalación que hice. No veo en las capturas de este hilo que pase lo mismo ¿Saben a qué puede deberse?

Hola @Maiten

Los T5 Pro estan conectados via USB? Caso si, no van a funcionar pues a partir de la version 5 solo será permitida conexión mediante TCP/IP (cable de red o WiFi)

Sobre los textos en Chino
Intenta reinstalar con la ultima version a ver si el problema persiste…

Te dejo el link directo: