How Anviz CrossChex Cloud Protects Data Security

Any pre-teen with a journal understands data security. If your friend tells you their secrets, and you write it in your own journal, and then leave that journal out where anyone can read it, you’ve violated good data security. As a pre-teen, a failure on either front can cost you your friendship. In today’s business world — in which cybersecurity threats are rampant, failure can be even more costly.

In intelligent security application fields, how to provide sufficient security mechanisms to protect user information and meet compliance requirements is the primary problem to be solved. Anviz-a leading provider of converged intelligent security solutions, launched the CrossChex, an access control and time attendance management system. This article is for introducing data storage and data transfer applied in CrossChex and based on AWS, Amazon cloud service plafform.

##Safe cloud server-AWS
Nowadays, a large amount data will be stored in cloud. What we need to mention is CrossChex Servers adopt AWS server, which fulfills the requirement of European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. (GDPR). AWS has a global infrastructure that enables you to interconnect devices with the nearest cloud platform based on your countries.

Using powerful AWS services such as AWS Identity and AccessManagement (IAM) could securely manage access to AWS services and resources. AWS Key Management Service (KMS) could securely generate and manage encryption keys.

##Safe software depends on AWS
A safe server in a safe place is not enough. Security of software is also important.
The terminal of the CrossChex Standard is based on Anviz Owned TCP/IP Protocol. The Protocol is the non-plain text data. Therefore, the User information and biometric data cannot be cracked.

Considering users would use CrossChex Standard in different environments, the abnormal account behaviors and network activities will be continuously monitored by AWS for identifing threats within cloud environment. Moreover, the continuous monitoring is automated compliance checks based on the AWS best practices and industry standards your organization follows.

##Safe transmission to AWS
Reliable hardware with dependable software is great, but many people may be concerned about data loss or disclosure when the terminal uploads data to the Cloud. Crosschex maintain data secrecy of the data transfer through terminal-driving connection, cloud key and verification.

First: The terminal will actively connect to the cloud through the device. This is different from normal cloud systems. If the cloud system finds the terminal, the terminal already has been exposed to the network.

Second: There will be a certification by the cloud key when the cloud communicates with the the terminal. The key is based on Anviz’s AES265 Encryption algorithm, that is one of the most reliable encryption algorithm techniques.

Third: After the certification, the key will verify the password again before the communication starts. As the above stated, the whole communication process is based on the Anviz owned Control Protocol.

In conclusion, your users, partners, and international regulators all expect you to be able to explain what data your company possesses, what you do with it, and how you protect it. CrossChex satisfies this demand with the strong function of AWS.

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