CrossChex Cloud New Features Now Available (for Early Access Users in the EU Server)

We’re excited to announce that Early Access users can now sign up CrossChex Cloud to enjoy new features below:

  1. Access employees to log in, where employees can view their own attendance data and shift schedule.
  2. Employees can submit the application for leave to administrators, each approved application can be auto synchronized to attendance reports.
  3. Support multiple administrator rights, make everything easier to configure and manage for administrators.
  4. Support more reports like overtime reports and request reports.
  5. Optimized the scheduling process to provide intuitive reports authoring environment for administrators or business owners.
  6. Bug fixes, UI and stability improvements.

Link to the beta links:

This test version is based on EUROPEAN SERVER, so please create a new account or use your existing one.

To add physical devices, please select the EU server on the device internal menu Cloud Server field, or use manual input server if you prefer:

We’re very excited to finally bring the new features to the world of CrossChex Cloud! We believe it will make your time management even more agile, accessible, and easy to use. After you’ve had some time to test, we’d love for you to share your initial impressions with us right here on the Anviz Community. Also, be sure to check back here periodically for more CrossChex Cloud announcements!

  • CrossChex Cloud App version will be introduced in the future.