Case Study - CheckInOut - CrossChex Standard Integration with Cloud

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Hi there, here is a very interesting case study from our Spanish partner SoluOpen, with the great support from our local distributor Euroma.

I´m proud to introduce you the CheckInOut Solution!

The Challenge

With the arrival of the new legislation to control working hours in Spain, SoluOpen undertook the installation of all their existing clients with Anviz devices and CrossChex Standard providing a great complement solution. The market demand for an application to collect records from employees outside the workplace (business trip, on field services, etc.) led SoluOpen to the creation of ChekInOut, allowing CrossChex Standard to interact with SoluOpen own Cloud application.

The ChekinOut Cloud application automatically feeds CrossChex Standard database with different types of records, departments, users, tasks, business leaves, etc. Later on, the captured records from the Cloud can be easily combined and treated together with all the records taken by Anviz customer´s physical devices.

The customer can self-manage how they want the Cloud to be used, as well as which users will be active. The cloud is private for the customer, it is encrypted and protected to not be shared with other users, so it allows the creation of a unique way to manage the collection of employee records inside or outside the office, even using different Anviz hardware and mobile phone versions for each type of customer.

Partner Introduction

SoluOpen is a company dedicated to offering solutions based on Open source, Cloud Services as well as time attendance control and security solutions, being Anviz one of the most relevant key partners, special thanks to Euroma excellent after sales services.

Key Benefits

• Cloud based, record and manage employees anywhere, anytime, inside or outside the office.

• Suitable for small and medium businesses

• Provide to each customer an encrypted and dedicated account.

• No software installation required, purely web based.

• Easy, simple and fast to be used.

• Compatible with all Anviz devices

• Licenses starting from € 1.2 per employee monthly with semestral payment 7.5€

• More than 40 companies as satisfied customer in different regions of Spain.

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Key Customers

CheckInOut is constantly being improved in order to provide solutions to customer requests. SoluOpen already have a wide portfolio of customers who use Anviz and ChekinOut as an itinerant support tool.

Main Customers:

• Geotunel ( )

• Artigot Catering (

• Federacion Pelota Valenciana (Fedpival)

• World Informatica (

• Suministros Electricos Huesca(

• PSOE Navarra (

• Cloud Comunicaciones(

• Ayuntamiento A RÚA(

Customer´s Opinions

Alvaro, Federacion de la Pelota Valenciana.

“Anviz Crosschex and CheckInOut are very useful programs, which meet the requirements and expectations with the Federation of Pelota Valenciana, managing to keep track of the workers' schedules. Another aspect to highlight is that the software can be used from different places through different devices, providing great service and great functionality. It is an intuitive program, easy to use and if you have had any doubts about its operation, the technician team is always available to solve it in the shortest time possible.”

Marta, Geotunel

ChekinOut software works fine, it is intuitive and with the good technical service we were able to have everything configured and running. In addition, the operation of our Anviz devices with Cosschex Standard is correct, the cloud connection works perfectly, as well as the user enrolment. I have a good evaluation in general.”

Benjamín Garcia, Euroma.

"CheckInOut is a flexible and scalable solution, adding value to Anviz Crosschex Standard software. It allows remote signing to existing systems in a fast and integrated way."


CheckInOut is a very useful solution which integrates Anviz CrossChex Standard software to be used anywhere and anytime, thanks to SoluOpen own Cloud Integration, providing more flexibility and very relevant technical features to control local and remote employees.

For more details, feel free to contact SoluOpen directly.

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