Latest firmware Facedeep3

Hello. Ifinished installing my facedeep 3.

First, i would like o update it to the latest firmware if possible. Where can i get it?

After that, i have a few questions:

  1. How to avoid accidental punch in/out? My facedeep 3 is installed in a place where personel might pass through in working hours. I noticed it wakes up and sometimes “punches” without them even noticing. I guess face recognition is really efective!
    I would like for it to “wake up only after touch” or something similar.

  2. Is there a way to access the data via web service and integrate it on my management software? sometype of midleware? Some “odbc connection”?

Thank you

Best Regards



Thank you for contacting Anivz! We are willing to help you with your problem.

Do you mind telling us what makes you want to upgrade the firmware, is there any problem with device?
For proper upgrading, we need you share a screenshot of the device info, see"Menu-Setting-Basic Info", or the rear of the device where you can see the current firmware info, so we can select the proper firmware for you.
#1 You can try change the recognition distance and precision. And please get noticed this won’t affect the attendance result.
#2 Yes, we can offer SDK and API documentation. I don’t know if it’s what you want. For more information, you can contact us via the e-mail.

Hello Sarah. Thanks for your reply.

There is not a particular reason for me to upgrade the firmware/software. Just though it might be good for the performance of the device or maybe there are some new/improved features in the newer versions.

That said, i have been searching the forums and already did some upgrades, but information is dispersed through many topics so i dont really know which is the latest and correct firmware to the device i own anymore.

I attach the pictures you asked.

As for SDK API, i simply want to access the data stored in the device without using crossex. I have my own attendance control and would like to know if there is a open way to access the database in the device.

Best Regards