KQ file unable to open in XLS as advertised :(

I have exported data from CX3 to USB and am unable to open the KQ file. I thought this offered XLS files. Is there a way to solve this? Otherwise, this product will not be of use to me :frowning:

Hi @Sarah_Anviz can you please check this topic?

Many thanks!!!

I have the same issue what did you end up doing? I cant get a response from support…

need assistance with this issue as well @Sarah_Anviz

Good morning!

Here is the response I received and seems to be working for me so far :blush:

Hope this helps!

Hi Customer,

This file needs to be read by our software, CrossChexStandard.
And then you could read as the picture below.


Thank you! Do you happen to have the picture below that was mentioned?

I can’t figure out how to get the file opened in the program. You can email it to me if that’s easier sara@phoenixplumbingllc.com Thank you again!!

Hi @sara ,

We now have an updated firmware to fix the issue. I’ll send you the firmware to update.

Hello, I am experiencing the same issue, please send me a link to firmware as well.

Hi. I sent you a private message. Please check.

Hello can I get the firmware update too please

Hello, Besos

We might need your current device info, including SN, device model and current firmware version, and a brief introduction of the issue you have. So we can decide which version is proper for you to upgrade.

You are welcomed to contact us at support@anviz.com.

Best regards