Questions about the security problems nowadays

Hi Anviz,
I am Oliver, an end-user from Eastern Europe. Now we are suffering Covid-19, and many friends around me are worrying about the security problems of socio-environments. I wonder what you would do as a security company in today’s environment. Do you pay attention to the security situation in the world?

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Anviz Wants to Receive and Help Your Security Concern

We are delighted to answer your question. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, physiological and safety are the premise of any activity. The present acute situation caused by Covid-19 triggered widespread panic, awakening people’s safety-conscious, and it has affected some people’s normal lives.

As a leading provider of converged intelligent security solutions with 20+ years’ experience, Anviz has always been thinking about how to strengthen personal and property security and reduce risks for users through providing technical insurance. Anviz believes technology can contribute to people ‘s physical and psychological security in daily life and further achieves happiness. What Anviz could do is providing reliable products and services to people who have concerns and play a role as a guarding consultant. Up to now, Anviz has a range of portfolio includes biometric access control systems, time & attendance solutions, fingerprint scanners with a centralized, customized management system.

To better support our Eastern Europe clients, Anviz has paid attention to the social environment of Eastern Europe for a long time. Because personal security is established on the social environment and basic society infrastructure, and we found many people are upset about safety problems recently. Therefore, Anviz would like to fulfill our social responsibility to help people who are upset and let them know we could solve their security problems.

Anviz has sent emails and organized webinars about the latest security technology knowledge for free, which had received many favorable reviews. What’s more, Anviz had collaborated with American and Chinese charities to make a modest contribution for society through participating charities. In the future, Anviz will insist to devote to changing people’s lifestyles through

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