Share biometric data with 3rd parties

Hi, we can’t share biometric data outside the organization. It’s possible to use anviz devices without sharing our biometric data?

Hi @julian.fernandez

Can you give some more details? What do you mean with sharing biometric data outside organization?


Tell me what kind of details would be needed please. Would be this reference of any help?

That data. Thanks

Hi Julian

I know what biometric data is, thanks for your contribution.

I just did not understand what do you need.

You can use anviz devices without sharing biometric data, the biometric template is encrypted by a *.anv file and can be only read by our own devices. It cannot be opened or decrypted without our products.

If that doesn´t reply your question, please clarify or give me some examples about what you are looking for.

This one did it. Thanks. Don’t take it GPT bad, it just helps also and It will be a constant presence. :slight_smile:

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No worries Julian! Yes, GPT is coming to stay haha

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I have another one! Maybe this is also obvious, but vendors contacted in my region weren’t able to provide any leads. Can I send a request to a device, provide credentials, and retrieve some data from it? For instance, today’s match events or something similar?

Hi Julian

Can you please tell me your region? City and country.

It´s possible to send the credentials from software to Anviz device, and it´s also possible to transfer credentials from Anviz device to software.

Remembering the biometric data is encrypted, so its not possible to “open” the biometric template file and read.

The match event (recognition and validation) can only be done by the Anviz reader itself.