W1C PRO - How to make the terminal send a data line with each transaction?

I have a W1C PRO terminal
I would like to have the information read by the terminal sent in real-time and therefore exactly when the badge swiping operation on the terminal is performed
I see that in the configuration there is a ‘communication mode’ which is normally set as ‘server’ but can also be indicated as ‘client’ with port, server, password and I imagine this is the mode to activate
But what exactly is needed on the server side?
Basically what type of server should I activate?
Http, Ftp, … ???

Dear @amorosik

The Client Mode is to configure the device to be connected with a specific PC only, by local network (LAN) or internet (WAN).

What you need is another function, the real time mode operation (can be used with our CrossChex Standard, or developed with our SDKs)

Or could be the Data Push function (I would suggest this one), which could be used with our CrossChex Cloud, or developed with our Cloud APIs.

Please search in our community, we have information about those tools, and dont hesitate contacting here if you have more questions :smiley: