Access using Cellphone

Does ANVIZ Facedeep or M Series support authentication using Cellphone or mobile phone?? Which products or models support this??

Hi @bobdizon,

There’re 2 possibilities using smartphones with Anviz devices for punch in/out depending on the T&A system selected:

  1. Using CrossChex Standard for T&A

In this case a smartphone with Bluetooth enabled is required. Then download the CrossChex Mobile APP and install it on user’s smartphones.
The following devices are ready to use with the APP: M3 Pro, M5 Plus, M-Bio, EP300 Pro, A350, C2KA, C2 Slim, FaceDeep 3.

  1. Using CrossChex Cloud for T&A

In this case any smartphone with internet connection is OK. Download the CrossChex Cloud APP and install it on user’s smartphones.
Almost the full product line is ready to use with the APP. Check it here:

The APPs are available for both Andoid and IOS (Play Store, App Store).

It’s up to you to chose the best solution for your customer.

The app returns aan time out error

Hi @ggm.devoi

it´s the same you use to access your account on our website (

If you do not have an account yet, please enroll yourself at Anviz Global | Secure workplace , Simplify management

then use the same login and password created there to access your APP

Use of the app is not the issue, I can log-on to that… the problem is connecting the app with the C2 slim.
Code 12345 is not working. It keeps returning a time out error. So I think its not the correct code.
Input Administrator Password is wrong - what can I do?

you mean at his web page? for settings?

if so, were you able to access the web page correctly, then set Admin as login ?

I can log in to the chrosschex app.
I can find the divice
I can put in a key - thought it was standard 12345
Then the app responds with “Loading”.
At the end the app responds “Time out, please tray again later”.


I will share two videos for the CrossChex Mobile App Guide, please follow them accordingly, maybe you will find the missing detail there:

For M Series (M3 Pro, M5 Plus):

For EP300 Pro:

And if you need more details, here is a training of CrossChex Mobile: