CrossChex Mobile APP V1.3.0

The Early Access User can now download the next generation CrossChex Mobile APP (V1.3.0) to enjoy new features below:

  1. Add User APP Account Register Function to improve your app’s security.
  2. Support the new FaceDeep 3 and C2KA products.
  3. Improve the Support easy to submit your request to us.

The iOS please scan the below QR Code to download:


The Android please scan the below QR Code to download:


We’re very excited to bring the CrossChex Mobile with new features ! We believe it will make your time management even more agile, accessible, and easy to use. After you’ve had some time to test, we’d love for you to share your initial impressions with us right here on the Anviz Community.

CrossChex Mobile App V1.3.0 version will be released on the Apple Store and Google Play.

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Hi @Felix_Anviz

We are facing on mobile app ios user couldn’t login mainewhile Android user operate normally

Hello, Same problem since friday! only with IOS,
CrossChex 1.4.0

there are problems with IOS. With Android it works correctly and with IOS it does not allow user login.

Now it works for me! (IOS16.4.1)

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Hallo What’s the initial password - I can not connect. Allways runtime error

Hi @ggm.devoi

it´s the same you use to access your account on our website (

If you do not have an account yet, please enroll yourself at Anviz Global | Secure workplace , Simplify management

then use the same login and password created there to access your APP