CrossChex Cloud #12 – CrossChex Cloud APP – Introduction & Download

Hi there,

Welcome to our twelfth tutorial about the Anviz CrossChex Cloud!

The main objective of this tutorial is to introduce our CrossChex Cloud APP and its advantages.

CrossChex Cloud APP is an auxiliar software for the employees specifically, with it, employees are able to:

  • See their own schedule and records;

  • Apply for attendance (vacation, business trip, medical license, fix forgotten attendance, etc);

  • Clock In or Clock Out remotely (including GPS Location if approved);

  • And much more!

CrossChex Cloud APP is available for iOS & Android platforms, so please open the APP Store in your Smartphone or Tablet and look for this icon and name:

Important: Make sure you´re downloading CrossChex CLOUD APP, as Anviz has other APP solutions with similar name (for example, CrossChex Mobile, which is destinated for other purposes).

After finding the correct APP, make sure you have enough space memory on your smart device then click GET or Download.

Congratulations! You´ve learned how to identify CrossChex Cloud APP advantages and download it. :smiley:

Keep following our tutorials, on the next tutorials we´ll teach how to log in as an employee and how to use its main features!

See you there! Enjoy your CrossChex Cloud! :smiley:

Can the user select the IN or OUT state when stamping through the app? I cannot see this option somewhere

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Hi @efilip , it´s not necessary to select between IN and OUT, the software is intelligent to calculate the working time between the records. 2 records per day if inside flexible mode, and 4 records per day when break function is activated in the shift settings.

But we need to get this information (in or out) in the data we receive from the API in order to pass it to another application. Is it somehow possible? I guess not, since in the mobile app there is no button to select in or out…

@Felix_Anviz can you please check Mr. @efilip question? Do you is it possible somehow?

Hi Efilip @efilip

Sorry about that. Our Cloud only push the user time attendance record from the API include the User ID, User Name, Device Serial number, Verify mode , Check time. and so on.

There is another solution we have SDK can be use to connect with device to get the device status and send to your system.

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