CrossChex Mobile Time & Attendance

Hi, can I use the Cross Chex Mobile for Time and Attendance instead of access control?
I have a client with employees in an office location and on the field; how do I track the attendance of those field staff?

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Hi @ziontech12 , it´s possible to use CrossChex Mobile for Time Attendance. Here is a guide for your reference, using a EP300 Pro (Time Attendance Model):

Ps: The CrossChex mobile is a bluetooth based APP, in other words, it won´t be used for remote clock in / clock out through internet.

Thanks for the reply Leonardo, just a follow-up question.
Will the staff be able to clock in and out from anywhere without having to come to the office?
Secondly, can the admin see the location of the staff clock-in and clock-out from the reports?

Hi @ziontech12

for the mentioned requirements, I would suggest you using the CrossChex Cloud instead CrossChex Mobile, here are some reference for you:

CrossChex Cloud is compatible with remote clock in/clock out, here is a tutorial where I explain how to do it:

For the GPS tracking, it will be available at our coming soon CrossChex Cloud APP: