American Rotation schedule

Hi, I have a dilemma.

In our company, we have a so called “american rotation” or “american schedule”.

It goes something like this: 6 working days - 2 rest days. Each group DOES NOT overlap their resting days, so there is always a group working at the plant.

This schedule is assigned to 3 shifts: morning, afternoon and night, and those shifts do rotate.

For an example, let’s start like this (week01):

  • Group A - morning
  • Group B - afternoon
  • Group C - night

So far so good, on week 01, the groups work as indicated, BUT on the next week (week 02), this happens:

  • Group A - night
  • Group B - morning
  • Group C - afternoon

Then the following week (week 03):

  • Group A - afternoon
  • Group B - night
  • Group C - morning

And by the end of the month we return to to “week 01”

  • Group A - morning
  • Group B - afternoon
  • Group C - night

Plainly speaking: How do I configure that?

I was able to do the time tables (morning, afternoon and night).

But my doubt is how do I assign it to the week so it has the 2 resting days
And then, how do I make the rotation? (I think that is in shift setting, right?)

I believing that it should go like this but I don’t know:

but, does that mean that I will have to create a shift for each time table?
I’m confused.

Hi @xtremecoolling

You have to creare the “Timetable” only, there is no need to assign them in the “Shift Setting” (the screenshot you shared)

Please use the “Intelligent Scheduling”, here is quick an example:



Then, we go straight to User Scheduling ( 1 ), Select the users we want ( 2 ) , add all the shifts in the Intelligent Scheduling ( 3 ):

With this setting, if this employee work from 8am to 4pm, system will automatically understand he is on Shift A, and the same for the others, according to the working time.

It makes our life easier avoiding to complete the calendar with the shifts manually.

Hope that tip is useful to you :smiley:

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I understand.

So, the only manual step is to tell the workers to enter in their corresponding shifts, the software and the access control (we have a GC100) will do the rest.



Now I see it:
For workers that have a rotation schedule, you set them up with the “Intelligent schedule”, the program will look up that the worker clocks in and out during the timetable specified without looking at the days of the week.

For workers with a normal schedule, you use the shift setting, because they work only between that fixed range of time or days.

Cool, this is really cool.

Is there a way to assign Intelligent Scheduling to several users at a time? instead of going one by one?

Like selecting several and then chaning from Normal to Intelligent in one clic?

Yes, it´s possible

After this please follow the steps of my previous message :smiley:

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