Setting up shifts for workers with alternating timetables

I am not sure if this has been answered in a previous post but I have a situation where we have two sets of factory workers - say Shift A and Shift B. This week, shift A may work during the day (6am - 6pm), while shift B works night (6pm - 6am). The following week, the arrangement will alternate, and so on and so forth

The problem is that we have over 250 staff on this rotation and it is not practicable to go into the software each week to manually change the shifts accordingly. I’m sure there’s a simple way to make the software switch the shifts each week for each team. Grateful if someone can help me out.


Hi @a.adeyemi

Good contribution! You´re right, there is a simpler way.

When assigning shifts to employees, please use the intelligent mode:

Doing this way, you don’t need to assign shifts manually, the system will understand employee´s shift according to the time they clock in and clock out. :smiley:

(Ps: In this case, since both shifts starts and ends and same time, it´s recommended to inform system what is IN record and whats is OUT record).

Hi @Leonardo_Anviz

Thanks for your prompt response. Your solution sounds very simple and easy to implement. Just what I needed.

Just for clarification, when you say “it is recommended to inform the system what is IN and what is OUT record”, you’re taking about something that should be done by the employee when they are clocking in right?

If so, is that something you configure as mandatory requirement in settings or just something we have to inform employees to do when clocking in?

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Yes, something that must be done from employee side, or for example, if you have 02 Anviz devices, configure 1st reader to take only IN records, and 2nd reader to take only OUT records.

Here is an example so you can understand better:

Shift A: 6am to 6pm
Shift B: 6pm to 6am

If employee clocks at 6am and 6pm, how the system would identify the right shift, since both have same times?

The answer is: according to the record status

6am IN, 6pm OUT = Shift A
6pm IN, 6am OUT = Shift B

Hi Leonardo,

I thought I understood your recommendation in last email, but we have only one anviz unit and we configured with intelligent scheduling. Unfortunately the attendance records are not accurate.

You recommend we configure

6am IN, 6pm OUT = Shift A
6pm IN, 6am OUT = Shift B

However I don’t know where this setting is supposed to be entered.

Kindly advise. Thank you

Hi @a.adeyemi

I suggest that the status should be informed at the hardware (timeclock), when the user is starting his/her duty, to select the IN status at the device screen, then when he/she is leaving company, to select the OUT status.

This will help system to understand if employee is starting or leaving the duty, since both shifts have same time.