T5 Pro firmware update from 01.42.A2 to the latest version

Dear All, I have a T5 Pro device with a very old firmware inside - 01.42.A2.
Thus most functions are not working.

As I understood, it’s not possible to update it directly to 5.x or 6.x version, and I need to do step by step upgrades, for example 1.42 → 2.x, then 2.x → 3.x, etc.

Please advise, where can I download firmwares and their appropriate flashers for all these steps?

Dear @yegor.vasilchuk

Unfortunately T5 Pro 1.x version is an already end of life hardware, the processor from this version do not support newer firwares.

If you try, it will damage your hardware, so we suggest keeping it at 1.42 version.