Auto sign out users at midnight

Hi, is there some way to globally force users to be signed out if they forget?. They are coming in to work the next morning and swiping and it says out because it thinks they have been in all night. We are not using shift patterns and schedules in crosschex cloud as it is far too time consuming when we have a high turnover of fixed term staff.

Hi @itadmingroup ,

It´s a little bit difficult if they are working on the flexible mode, because the flexible does not have any parameter to follow, so in this case clock in and out are mandatory…

I an alternative in the CrossChex Standard if you can consider, if the employees could work in fixed shifts, you could remove the “Must Clock In” or “Must Clock Out” functions:


You can use a common fixed shift time with the maximum possible time table for all employees , clock out is not mandatory in this scenario Also, you can set rules , “if they do not clock out absent or late”

so that employees will be more likely to come back the next time


Let me know if you need workable Commom Time Table